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Welcome to Purple Penguin PR. We are a progressive agency that produces high-impact “feel-good” stories on behalf of our clients. The agency is the brainchild of Ray Drasnin, a 30-year veteran publicist who lives in and pitches from San Diego, CA.

We share our clients’ inspirational stories on the biggest media stages in the world. Our efforts motivate audiences and stimulate responses. From celebrities and athletes to entrepreneurs and corporations, we’ve done it all…and we’ve done it nationwide.

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We Are Creative

We’ve gone diving out of planes at 10,000 ft., jumped in the ocean with great white sharks and pitched a Wall St. Journal reporter in an airport bathroom. Only those who live on life’s edge get front page stories.

We Are Experienced

As seasoned publicists, we ignite and sustain momentum with an artful mix of insight and analytics with epic results.

We Are Storytellers

We are modern day storytellers with a strong passion and foundation in journalism.

We Are Connected

It is not just what you know but who you know in media, business and investing that separates a good PR practitioner from a highly skilled publicist.

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Public Relations

Today’s media marketplace is constantly changing and difficult to navigate. If you want to capture market share, you need to step up. If you intend to build a brand, you need to stand out.

Brand Building

We promote your messaging across the most influential media outlets in today’s mix to ensure you are connecting and engaging with your target audiences. We make your message resonate.

Media Training

We build powerful, positive platforms for client messaging and express them in new and creative ways across an ever-evolving media landscape.  We make sure you are prepared and always in control of the message.

Special Events

Strategy + Creativity = Epic Results. We capture attention and breed the buzz.

Case Studies

Check our Awards

National Crystal Award of Excellence (Award / Client)

  • Media Kit – CA Botana
  • Media Kit – Axxis Product Development
  • Brochure Design & Content – Sportscenter Development and Management
  • Brochure Design & Content – Sunset Parking Service

Edward L. Bernays Mark of Excellence Awards (Award / Client)

  • Best Ongoing Campaign / Corporate – MTrader.com
  • News Releases – Tummy Tutor
  • Special Event $25,000 or Less – San Diego Sockers
  • Writing News Releases – Axis Product Development
  • Graphic Design / Single Printed Piece – Sunset Parking Service
  • Graphic Design / Single Printed Piece – Canedy & Canedy
  • One Time Program / Corporate – 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
  • One Time Program / Business to Business – Kite Trade Association Int’l
  • Best Ongoing Campaign / Not-for-profit – Coming Together Foundation
  • One Time Program / Investor – Superior Planning
  • Best Ongoing Campaign / Corporate – Hang 10.
  • External Newsletter / One or Two Colors – Drasnin Communications
  • Best Ongoing Campaign / Government – County of San Diego Solid Waste Division
  • Media Kit – Tummy Tutor
  • Best External Newsletter / One or Two Colors- Drasnin Communications
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If you want to create a new brand or brand a new creation... if you're looking to sell your old company or have your eye on a new company... if you want to downsize your staff or hold on to your team... if you want to influence a target audience or have an audience with a person of influence... if you want to launch a new product or build market share... just around the corner or halfway around the globe...Let's Work Together
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28934Cups of Coffee
674526868People Influenced


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