Doug Flutie


To develop a special event to elicit funds for the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism. To generate media coverage to support the event. To garner local and national sponsorship opportunities for Flute Bowl.


Plan and implement Flutie Bowl, a celebrity bowling tournament to raise money and awareness for autism. Secure local sponsorships by parlaying relationships with other local clients including restaurants, automotive dealers, beverage distributors, and merchants to raise awareness for the foundation’s first West Coast event. Secure national sponsorships by showcasing the benefits of partnering with a sports legend like Flutie. Captivate local media coverage although the event was not open to the general public by offering interviews with NFL heroes Flutie, Drew Brees, LaDainian Tomlinson and other professional athletes.


Flutie Bowl was a resounding success. Sponsors included Sports Illustrated, Mercedes Benz, and some of southern California’s most popular restaurants. PR coverage was a clean sweep of all five local TV stations, the major daily newspaper and sports radio stations from San Diego and Los Angeles including ESPN. FOX-TV offered national coverage and Armed Forces Radio and Television broadcast Flutie rolling a strike to US Military worldwide. Ticket sales and sponsorships generated funds that far exceeded the client’s expectations.

Sports IllustratedBenz