To showcase FlyDive as the nation’s most impressive hydroflight technology. To launch the first generation X-BOARD. To build the FlyDive brand to assist in closing investors, expanding retail distribution and promoting merger and acquisition activity. To design and implement a PR campaign that would promote FlyDive and its X-BOARD as a new and adventurous water sport for celebrities, athletes, boaters, water enthusiasts and tourists.


Purple Penguin PR (PPP) first identified target audiences that included media, investors, retailers in specific markets and tourists/vacationers. Then the agency developed press materials, drafted investor email pitches and began building video assets for media B-roll and the client’s YouTube channel. All focus would be directed on TV coverage. A local photographer/videographer was tapped for unique underwater POV shots. The same cameraman was utilized when we worked with TV reporters to assure exceptional video was captured and made available.

This client’s phenomenal visual offerings were its biggest attraction. FlyDive’s team included talented young athletes and even executives who were excellent “flyers.” It was agreed that we would offer one-on-one interviews with sports anchors and reporters. Then a guarantee was made, when pitching, that we could get any reporter up and flying in less than five minutes.

Media training was provided and sound bites were written to focus on family-friendly features (i.e. safety) as well as raw power and excitement for thrill seekers. X-Games participants were utilized as flyers to appeal to the action sports audience. Kylie Jenner and her then boyfriend, Tyga, agreed to lend their celebrity appeal to the product launch. Video and photo assets were captured while the couple played on X-BOARDS when vacationing in the Caribbean. Special events were likewise staged for investors from as far away as London.

Mainstream media coverage was posted to social media.


Sports anchors from KFMB-TV (CBS) and FOX-TV did full blown features on FlyDive. Both stations posted to their online sites generating thousands of additional impressions. KFMB’s sports anchor, John Howard, changed his Twitter profile photo to show him flydiving and to tease the upcoming TV feature. The FOX-TV segment ran multiple times on the 6 pm and 10 pm News and likewise posted on their website. The CW-6 covered the story with a series of four live segments.

FlyDive’s local media windfall sparked national attention. MSNBC’s show, “Your Business”, flew a reporter and camera crew into town to do a feature on the company that aired nationally. Intense media visibility brought other opportunities to the table. FlyDive acquired Jetpack America, expanded its national retail distribution and was even asked to be part of the prestigious Red Bull Air Race Show.

Today, FlyDive’s X-BOARD continues to make waves as part of SeaWorld’s Cirque Electrique show.

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