Knollwood Farm


To promote Knollwood Farm as Wisconsin’s premiere destination for horseback riding lessons and American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) shows and events. To further establish Knollwood’s owners, Scott and Carol Matton, as nationally renowned trainers. To increase visibility of the lesson program and attract new riders to the facility. To garner print and broadcast placements in Wisconsin media that highlighted the rich history of the farm and its impact on the local community.


The primary target audiences were children (ages 6-18) and their parents. Key messages were drafted to appeal to both audiences and media training was provided.

First – Parlay the clients’ notoriety – and the notoriety of their students – to attract new riders. Make the messenger just as important as the message. Scott and Carol Matton are two of the most prominent trainers in the equestrian world. They have coached and trained five Equitation Triple Crown winners.

Next – Utilize Nick Maupin, one of the most heralded riders who trained under Scott and Carol as a spokesperson and hometown hero. Nick is the only male rider to ever capture the coveted Triple Crown.

Create significant buzz by inviting Nick Maupin to come to the Knollwood Farm during his winter break from University of Wisconsin. Stage a press conference to announce that Nick would be the captain of the US Saddle Seat Equitation World Cup in South Africa. Provide B- roll footage, still photos and develop a media alert. Distribute electronically and make available in Dropbox.

Next – Showcase more of Knollwood Farm’s riders, the Budzinski sisters, Sydney and Ainsley. Both sisters were world champions and had ridden one of the nation’s most awarded horse, “Oh What a Feeling, AKA Cartman.” Bios were created for the sisters and their horse. A press conference was held and both sister provided riding demonstrations. The mother of the Budzinsky sisters was also made available to media to highlight the family commitment to the sport and paint an all-American picture of equestrian lifestyle.

Contact reporters, editors and producers in Milwaukee along with smaller local publications that would directly influence families in a confined geographic footprint.


In a four-month period, Knollwood Farm was covered throughout the Milwaukee media including three TV features on FOX news and a number of print articles. Stories on Nick Maupin sparked initial interest and generated coverage that reached tens of thousands of viewers.
One of the features on the Budzinski sisters generated a national media award for its content and presentation. Print articles were garnered in local publications including the Lake Country Reporter. This weekly publication was on the top of the client’s wish list and became the ultimate tool for capturing local attention. Stories included Christmas caroling with horses adorned in holiday lights and features about the farm, its history and its riders’ successes.

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