Mojo Pages


To build an online community for, a new web-based business search directory (i.e. the “People Powered Yellow Pages”) by generating buzz in the blogosphere. To successfully compete with and capture market share from and To garner print and broadcast placements in test market San Diego followed by feature placements in national business, marketing and technology publications. To establish Jon Carder, founder and CEO of MojoPages, as a visionary leader and successful young entrepreneur. To showcase MojoPages in a positive light to potential investors to solidify additional funding.


Blogosphere: To generate online buzz while the company was in its earliest stages of Beta. To tap the blogosphere in creative ways to assure buy-in of the company’s vision and philosophy. Reach out to A-list bloggers to build an immediate audience with their followers and acceptance of the innovative business model. Develop a video documentary series that showcases the MojoPages executive team in a completely transparent manner…a behind-the-scenes look into the building of a company.

Local: Contact reporters, editors and producers in San Diego, Mojo Pages’ test market, to secure print and broadcast placements…before leaving Beta version and before pitching national media. Use 28 year old CEO Jon Carder’s previous business successes as a media hook and position him as a wunderkind with a Midas touch. Parlay local placements into national interest while positively influencing local angel investors and venture capitalists. Utilize speaking engagements to build credibility and boost visibility.

National: Use the success of the popular video series to capture PR and sales/marketing publications. Pitch the unique concept of building a pre-launch blogosphere buzz to editors of business and technology publications. Garner national online coverage.


In a nine month period, Mojo Pages built a massive national online community of avid users generating more than 500,000 business reviews and eclipsed its competitors, at times, in page views and traffic ranking. The video documentary series was so popular that the company was approached for a made-for-television movie. Blog and online mentions totaled in the tens of thousands reaching an audience of millions.

San Diego media included Mojo Pages and Jon Carder in virtually every way: lifestyle features in 944 Magazine, and Metropolitan Magazine, business features in The Daily Transcipt, San Diego Business Journal and the Union-Tribune. Carder did on-air radio and TV interviews on KOGO-AM as well as ABC, NBC, PBS and FOX television affiliates. Carder was also tapped to be one of only two presenters at the inaugural speaker’s series for biz San Diego.

National coverage was just as impressive including articles in Business 2.0, Sales and Marketing Management and CNN Money. Perhaps one of the most personally gratifying placements was in PR Week which showcased the company’s innovative and successful PR campaign. The publicity was likewise a key determining factor in closing two additional rounds of angel investment and positioning the company favorably for future rounds of venture capital involvement.

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