Doing My Part To Support First Responders

Giving back always tastes sweet and leaves a lasting impression.

With the coronavirus stories topping the news cycle and the number of cases and mortalities mounting daily, one group decided to give their best efforts in the kitchen to support those on the front lines.  This past weekend, I rallied my fellow Board of Directors from the Port of San Diego Harbor Police Foundation to create a special moment for those who put their lives on the line every day.  We all broke out the sugar, flour and other hard to find grocery items and baked homemade goodies for the 150 officers who work for the Port of San Diego Harbor Police.

In total, our board made more than 600 cookies and dozens of other tasty baked items.  All of the sweet treats were then delivered to Chief of Police Mark Stainbrook’s home on Monday afternoon in a huge box with a sign reading: A special thank you to all of the officers and staff of the Port of San Diego Harbor Police for your heroic work during this new coronavirus pandemic.  Enjoy!

Chief Stainbrook surprised his officers on Tuesday when he brought the boxes and ziplock backs filled with pastry, cookies and more to the station.

My children and I came up with the idea of baking for the police when discussing how we could contribute to San Diego’s first responders who are so stressed during these challenging times.  I’ve served on a number of local and national boards, but I must admit that chairing a marketing and PR committee has never before involved baking.  I suppose desperate times call for delectable measures.

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